Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Andy Druckenbrod on PNMNet

Pittsburgh New Music Net gets a very nice shout out from Post-Gazette Classical Music Critic Andy Druckenbrod. Here are some snippets from his post in his blog, Classical Musings.

Pittsburgh has a surprisingly vibrant new music scene for a town with not a ton of 20 and 30 somethings. In my years here, I have tried to support it whenever I can…  (snip) But my role at the Post-Gazette as generalist (yes, most people would think that the classical music critic is a pretty specific post at a newspaper, but it is actually impossibly large of a beat, covering many genres and centuries), has kept me from covering contemporary music as well as I would like to…

But this is all to say that Pitt composer Phil Thompson is doing a great job catching what I miss by following the scene closely in his niche blog, Pittsburgh New Music Net. I am officially adding it to my blog roll (which is in serious need of an update). Enjoy!

He’s absolutely right about the level of new music activity going on in the Burgh. Soon after I started blogging the new music scene here I realized that I could easily post every day and not run out of things to talk about. It’s a good problem to have and I hope PNMNet helps to fill out the picture of cultural life in Pittsburgh.

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